Best Cherry Blossom Festivals Around the World

Vancouver cherry blossoms

Having just returned from Japan, I was pretty excited to show you some amazing cherry blossom festivals around the world. But who says there has to be a festival?! Check out Smithsonian's list of where to see the best cherry blossoms around the world. Vancouver B.C. Cherry Blossom Festival The celebration runs through the month of April and it's hard to go anywhere in the city without seeing some of their 40,000 ornamental Read More

Best Mexican Tacos in Vancouver

taco plates at la taqueria vancouver

To say I love tacos is a huge understatement. I have been on the hunt for the best mexican taco shop I can find in Vancouver, and I think I found it at La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop. The word is already out, locals and visitors continue to line up for their taco fix. I'll most definitely be back.... soon. Here is what you need to know: 1. Their produce and meats are all fresh and organic.   2. Their taco menu is a mix of Read More

Springtime in Vancouver, Canada

vancouver cherry blossom_sq

Last week saw the arrival of Spring and today was my first chance to explore in and around Stanley Park. I thought you might enjoy the view too! If you are interested in the birds of British Columbia, there is a BC-based nature photographer named Liron whom you should meet. He takes incredible photos of birds and he offers both guided tours and photography workshops. Sometimes he takes people on a Read More

Well Preserved Southern Gem – Savannah’s Tybee Lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse_Georgia_Beach

Near Savannah, Georgia is the Island of Tybee where the immaculately preserved Light Station can be explored, courtesy of their historical society. Tybee Island was named "Savannah's Beach" in 1950 and has long been a quiet getaway for residents of Savannah. The Island holds a strategic position near the mouth of the Savannah River which made it an ideal location for the lighthouse, first built in 1736. The lighthouse actually Read More

Don’t Ever Forget It

pacific coast big sur sunset shadows

Sometimes when you are away from home or otherwise entirely consumed by a project, you think about how much you love your family and friends and what you would do for a big hug and just a few minutes with them.   Remembering some of my favorite moments helps me cope with it. I'm betting that you have a moment you absolutely loved... when the sun was shining on your face, maybe in the arms of someone you love or with best Read More

My First Vancouver Winter

Seagull footprints on the bottom right!

My first Canadian winter arrived this week! It was late, but undeniable. Vancouver's winter doesn't compare to most other parts of Canada or even the world, but the snow came down for 2 days straight and that was plenty. And yes, even this is extreme by my standards because I live in Southern California. I saw the one thing I hoped for, because I knew I would not see it anyplace else: boats in the marina covered in snow! Read More

Rare & Vibrant Sea Life in Bali

pink and purple ghost pipefish in Bali

My friend Jason left Los Angeles several years ago looking for the ultimate island lifestyle. He became a professional diving instructor in the Philippines and travels in search of the best diving the South Pacific has to offer. He found a real hidden gem in north-eastern Bali, a place called Amed. To this day, Jason is the happiest person I know. Once in a while I enjoy a peek into his world, so I thought you might, Read More

Ruins at the Ocean Shore in San Francisco

San Fran Sutro Baths Road Trip West Coast Shore Flowers  Artistic

On my west coast road trip I came across Sutro Baths, definitely something I wasn't expecting. Looking over the ruins was fascinating to me, and a bit eerie at the same time. The baths opened in 1896 as the world's largest indoor swimming pool establishment. Through an elaborate system of pools, tunnels and pumps, swimming pools were filled by ocean tides! Two acres of glass arched over steam-heated pools, restaurants, a Read More

Lake Hollywood, The Road Less Traveled

Hollywood sign from the path at Hollywood Lake

Hollywood Reservoir, also known as Lake Hollywood, is a definite hidden gem. Most people visit for the paved, flat, pedestrian trail extending a 3.2 mile loop around the perimeter of the reservoir. It's enjoyed by joggers, walkers and bicyclists every single day.  The walk is peaceful and you'll see some great views of Lake Hollywood, Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign. Most people who visit for the first time ask Read More

Why Owls Bring Good Luck

Close up of japanese owl

I just returned from Japan where I noticed that in modern Japanese culture many people carry an owl charm. Apparently they do this because the owl symbolizes luck and protects them from suffering.  Through history in ancient Greece, Asia and America, owls have been a symbol of wisdom and magic. They are also unquestionably gorgeous, and mysterious in my opinion. But why are they lucky in Japanese culture?  Here's the Read More