Wild Patagonia, My Short Film is Complete


Hi! Many of you know that my adventure in Patagonia was an incredible one, primarily for the vast landscapes and diversity of the region's scenery with glimpses of every season within a period of just 13 days. Guided by a National Geographic Expeditions Leader my time there was spent hiking, filming and shooting the time-lapses now used to create to this short film which has been graced by a stunning instrumental from musical Read More

Postcards from the Outer Banks, North Carolina

sun drenched Outer_Banks

Some time ago I completed a photography tour at North Carolina's Outer Banks, a string of narrow islands off the east coast of the US. Tourism numbers for the Outer Banks peak in the summer months, however when I visited in October it was an entirely different story—it showed a wildly popular American beach destination as a virtual ghost-town. Right away I was struck by the sheer quantity (thousands) of beach cottages Read More

Travel Tips for Visiting Tokyo

tokyo boats

Hi friends! I'm recently back from a culinary-focused visit to Tokyo and I wanted to share some tips that made the experience far more smooth than last time. Without question, the most effective thing was having a simple pocket-sized wifi router which provided unlimited internet for me and my friends at all times. What a life saver this was in terms of navigation, finding train routes and times tables, booking tickets and Read More

Bicycle Through the Vineyards of Bordeaux

For as long as I've been traveling it has been a dream of mine to bicycle through vineyards in France. I could picture myself riding among vineyards and wildflowers with the sun on my face and wind in my hair... well, this year it happened. As if straight out of a dream, my best friend was with me and the day felt like it could last forever. How grateful we both are to have shared this and I want to share it with you, Read More

Tricky Photography: Galapagos Sunsets

kicker rock at sunset

A trip to the Galapagos Islands, no matter how or when, is an incredible experience and I highly recommend you go if you have the chance. While the abundance and variety of wildlife is absolutely stunning, the truth is that the animals are just some of the many subjects you'll have the opportunity to photograph. The harsh landscapes, the human element, vibrant blue waters, white sand beaches, underwater sea life, dramatic Read More

Delicious Week in Bologna, Italy’s Culinary Hub

bologna portico

Hi friends! I'm home from a week-long stay in Bologna which I found to be low-key, easy to wander on foot, and satisfying in the fullest sense of the word. Bologna seemed like the obvious choice as a base for myself after wrapping a photography assignment in Italy and here is why; Bologna is the capital of Italy's Emilia-Romagna region which is where bolognese ragu sauce, prosciutto di Parma, parmesan cheese, and aged balsamic Read More

Things to Do in Tokyo

tokyo at night

How can one describe Tokyo? Amazing. Crazy. Organized. Totally overwhelming in every way. Countless friends of mine say that Tokyo is their favorite city in the world because no matter where you look, there's something crazy to see. Beyond what you'll see just walking around the city and the well-known bizarre cafes, there are some super wacky experiences to have if you know where to look. Transportation Read More

Beautiful Day Trip to the City of Verona, Italy

Adige River of Verona Italy

Verona, perhaps one of the prettiest of Italian cities, makes for a very nice day trip from Bologna. Arriving at the Verona Porta Nuova station via comfortable high speed train, visitors still have a full day to explore even after the hour and twenty-minute train ride. With my 50mm lens firmly in place, I set off to see what this city has to offer. Verona, at first glance, feels modern, classy and clean with it's Read More

Majestic Bison Herd in Los Angeles

bison at morning light Hart Ranch

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to photograph this protected herd of American bison in Los Angeles, which you may be surprised to learn is open to the public. Though most of the bison in this particular herd are smaller than those in Yellowstone National Park, there is no doubt about their majestic stature. It was just nuts to have the largest of the herd stare at me from five feet away and then slowly walk right by Read More

Morning Stroll to Italian Fishing Port in Sorrento


Surprises can be a beautiful thing. That is what the coastal town of Sorrento, Italy became to me when I visited enroute to the Amalfi coast. You see, Sorrento's town center is located atop coastal cliffs and this one morning I wandered down a cobblestone path until eventually arriving at the Port of Marina Grande. I was charmed by this special spot and it's atmosphere of a forgotten world. I had the company of fishermen Read More