Kitchen Additions to Make Cooking & Baking More Fun

Cute Ceramic Owl Measuring cup Set

We are inspired by the foods and flavors experienced when we venture abroad, whether it's across an ocean or across the street. For me, it's all about continuing to learn to cook at home. Here are some great some great kitchen additions which contribute to the fun of it. When I saw these items at the World Market, I couldn't get enough. And what a great gift to encourage someone you love to keep trying new things in the Read More

Can a Song without Words Speak to You?

the forest in Autumn

This holiday I am reminded that I am not only thankful for every person in my life, and I am thankful for music which reminds me of all the experiences that have brought me to this day... so I wanted to share this story. It was my first trip to England and and I was traveling solo. I had the pleasure of staying with a good friend who had been living there about a year. She shared with me the difficulties of relocating and Read More

Coastal Oregon – The Road Less Traveled

Netarts Oregon Coast Road Trip Sunset Silhouette

West Coast Road Trip (continued)  We had reached the destination of our road trip (Portland, Oregon) and the journey home was imminent. Normally when heading home from anywhere I start thinking about all the things I need to get done back home... but not this time. Though we would be home in mere days I knew there were still exciting adventures ahead in coastal Oregon. The truth is, at every stop on this road trip I saw Read More

Multnomah Falls – A Natural Wonder

Lower Waterfall Multnomah Falls Bridge Portland Road Trip

West Coast Road Trip (continued) Just 35 minutes to the east from Portland, you don't want to miss Multnomah Falls. It's a breathtaking, dramatic waterfall on the Columbia River Gorge. It is the second tallest year-round waterfall in the United States, at a total height of 620 ft (or 189 meters). The source of the water is underground springs from Larch Mountain, augmented by melting snow and rainwater throughout the Read More

Homemade Limoncello is a Success!


I found out a few years ago that my family has a recipe for making Limoncello. I recently took the plunge and made my first batch. After 60 days in the making I'm very happy it was a success! My limoncello has gotten rave reviews from all who have tried it; it even won a taste test against fancy store-bought limoncello!  I am sharing the recipe here because it's a fun and yummy project.  Limoncello is an Italian lemon Read More

Portland’s Got The Hip Tracks

Portland_Oregon_Jackpot Records

West Coast Road Trip (continued) Wandering around downtown Portland I came across the most colorful music store I've ever seen: Jackpot Records. They are an independent music store with a wide variety of new and used CDs and Vinyl Records. Some locals say it's the best in the city.  While it is somewhat small, it definitely packs a punch. They have listening kiosks where I found several things I'd never heard before. Read More

Where to Stay when Visiting Portland

Camas Hotel Exterior

West Coast Road Trip (continued) This one I had not planned. We finally arrived in Portland after over a week of road tripping from Los Angeles, and I hadn't booked a hotel assuming there would be tons of options in downtown Portland. As it happens, weekends get booked up quick leaving you stuck with only high priced rooms. Searching for other options, I came across the Camas Hotel. The description said "Romantic Read More

The Unexpected Cognac, France

Cognac_France_cobblestone st 2

I left Bordeaux that morning and had a full day ahead of me with my teeny tiny SmartCar rental (the only automatic car they had, which by the way, was the most expensive thing on the entire trip). With no agenda in sight, I hit the freeway and eventually saw a sign for the town of Cognac. I'm thinking, wait, Cognac? As in the drinking spirit Cognac? Could it be possible that's what this town is about?  I parked at the Read More

Experimental Beauty – Rose Test Garden, Portland

Portland Test Rose Garden Striped Rose 2

West Coast Road Trip (continued) Portland's International Rose Test Garden is different than most other public gardens. It's primary purpose is as a testing ground for new rose varieties and it is the oldest rose testing program of it's kind in the United States. The Garden cares for over 10,000 plants of 500 varieties. For almost one hundred years, the city of Portland, Oregon is the only North American city to give an Read More

How Adorable Is This Little Italian Car – The Bianchina

Small Italian Bianchina car

The Italian Bianchina (bee-on-kee-nah) is ridiculously cute. This one is a convertible from 1959 with suicide doors. It has an 18 horsepower Fiat engine which peaks at 31 mph.  Petrolicious recently did a feature taking us on a short ride along the Adriatic coast in the town of Rimini, Italy. The people of Rimini are proud of their unpredictable approach to life, and Annalisa who drives this car, is no exception. She had Read More