Champagne Brunch Cruise in Marina Del Rey for a Great Discount

champagne cruise marina del rey

I had the chance to experience the Champagne Brunch Cruise hosted by Hornblower Cruises at the Marina Del Rey Harbor in California.  It was pretty great, and I found a great discount too, so I wanted to share!

Hornblower Champagne Brunch Cruise Marina Del Rey Top Deck Sightseeing

Rooftop deck of the luxury cruise yacht “Entertainer’.

The Champagne Brunch is held aboard one of their luxury yachts every Sunday of the year. It offers a few hours escape from the traffic and chaos that is Los Angeles. You’ll have a very well-prepared brunch buffet (check out the menu here), relaxing music, free flowing champagne / sparkling cider and gorgeous views of Ballona Creek, Playa Del Rey, the Marina Peninsula and Fisherman’s Village.

Hornblower Champagne Brunch Cruise Marina Del Rey Burton Chace Park

View of Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey. That grassy hill is my weekend picnic spot.

Every party will have a private table, which is a major plus; nobody wants to feel awkward sharing special moments with strangers.

Goldstar offers discounted tickets for $49, which you have to purchase at least 48 hours before the departure weekend. The only other option I know of is getting your tickets directly from Hornblower which is $83 per person. Goldstar tickets are transferrable too – cruise tickets make a great gift.

Hornblower Champagne Brunch Cruise Marina Del Rey Playa Del Rey Sightseeing Entertainer YachtThis cruise is great not only for a special occasion, but it’s also if you’re looking for some relaxation, visiting from out of town, showing loved ones a good time, or just trying something new!

Make sure to check the weather report before you get your tickets, and have an awesome Champagne Brunch!

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