Where to Stay when Visiting Portland

Camas Hotel Exterior

West Coast Road Trip (continued) This one I had not planned. We finally arrived in Portland after over a week of road tripping from Los Angeles, and I hadn't booked a hotel assuming there would be tons of options in downtown Portland. As it happens, weekends get booked up quick leaving you stuck with only high priced rooms. Searching for other options, I came across the Camas Hotel. The description said "Romantic Read More

The Unexpected Cognac, France

Cognac_France_cobblestone st 2

I left Bordeaux that morning and had a full day ahead of me with my teeny tiny SmartCar rental (the only automatic car they had, which by the way, was the most expensive thing on the entire trip). With no agenda in sight I hit the freeway and eventually saw a sign for the town of Cognac. I'm thinking, wait, Cognac? As in the drinking spirit Cognac? I parked at the flower-lined river and walked into the Tourism Office. How Read More

Experimental Beauty – Rose Test Garden, Portland

Portland Test Rose Garden Striped Rose 2

West Coast Road Trip (continued) Portland's International Rose Test Garden is different than most other public gardens. It's primary purpose is as a testing ground for new rose varieties and it is the oldest rose testing program of it's kind in the United States. The Garden cares for over 10,000 plants of 500 varieties. For almost one hundred years, the city of Portland, Oregon is the only North American city to give an Read More

How Adorable Is This Little Italian Car – The Bianchina

Small Italian Bianchina car

The Italian Bianchina (bee-on-kee-nah) is ridiculously cute. This one is a convertible from 1959 with suicide doors. It has an 18 horsepower Fiat engine which peaks at 31 mph.  Petrolicious recently did a feature taking us on a short ride along the Adriatic coast in the town of Rimini, Italy. The people of Rimini are proud of their unpredictable approach to life, and Annalisa who drives this car, is no exception. She had Read More

Want to Meet a Baby Cheetah?

Oregon_Winston_Wildlife Safari_Buffalo

West Coast Road Trip (continued) In the heart of the vast Oregon wilderness, over 600 exotic and native animals live a fully protected and free-roaming lifestyle. 'Wildlife Safari' in Winston, Oregon, with a full 600 acres of land, has dedicated themselves to the conservation, education and research of wildlife. I was very happy to get a chance on my road trip to see these animals in dedicated habitats in the beautiful Read More

The Home Frank Lloyd Wright Designed for Middle Class America

Gordon House Frank Lloyd Wright_Holga

West Coast Road Trip (continued) Our road trip from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon continues, and I planned a visit to a home that Frank Lloyd Wright designed: The Gordon House, just one hour south of Portland. Turns out, this home was built near Wilsonville Oregon, but in 2001 some well-off folks bought the property and intended to tear it down and build their dream home. The Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy got a Read More

Last Hurrah for Summer Outdoor Movies in Los Angeles

Outdoor movie film screen

 If you live in Los Angeles, you more than likely enjoy the long summer days and warm summer nights. Most would agree that outdoor film showings are a perfect opportunity for hanging outdoors as long as you can, enjoying the great weather and good friends. While daylight savings time will sadly end soon, you still have plenty of opportunities to invite some folks out and have a fun outdoor movie night over the next few Read More

The Jewel of Central Oregon – Crater Lake

Crater Lake Oregon_Road trip snow caps

West Coast Road Trip (continued)   On my road trip from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon, Crater Lake wasn't exactly on the way but I heard it was not to be missed. Never were truer words stated. Knowing nothing about Crater Lake before I got there, I truly didn't know what to expect. Traveling up 2000 feet on snowy mountains in the middle of July is the last thing I expected. I was like a giddy 6 year old seeing the Read More

Oregon Cows are Happy Cows – West Coast Road Trip


West Coast Road Trip (continued) Continuing in this series of a west coast road trip, we headed north and crossed the California / Oregon border, two things were completely evident:  Oregon cows are very happy cows, and  the sky is definitely different in Oregon. No question about it.  Check out the view these cows have, not to mention all the open space. So spoiled! The white of the clouds and the blue of the sky Read More

West Coast Road Trip Begins: Napa Valley

Lavender Fields at the Robert Sinskey Winery on the Silverado Trail in Napa, California.

Lavender Fields at the Robert Sinskey Winery on the Silverado Trail in Napa, California. Recently we went on a road trip from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and I wanted to share some of the awesome and unexpected gems along the way. The agenda was to stick to the Highway 5 North until Portland, with a detour to Crater Lake, and come back down to LA along the Pacific Coast.  First Stop: Napa, California! For Read More