Native American Culture at an Indian Pow Wow

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Native American culture firsthand at a dance and feather-filled pow wow. This type of cultural celebration is something I love to see on my travels and share.
Native Americans from the Band of Paiutes in Nevada, Utah, Canada and their guests gathered for the 25th annual Snow Mountain Indian Pow Wow in Las Vegas, Nevada. They came together to join in cultural song and dance and honor the deceased on Memorial Day.
They say this is a chance to bring all nations together as a community. Damon Polk, the Emcee from Cedar City said, “As Native Americans, we don’t put up fences or boundaries. Everyone is invited to the pow wows because it makes our souls happy.” 

Each dancer’s attire is unique to their style of dance and represents their tribe. The rhythmic drums are said to impart remembrance of ancestral traditions. For Native Americans the drum is a sacred instrument; the beat, known as ‘the heartbeat of Mother Earth,’ has a purpose to bring everyone back into balance.

I hope you enjoy my photo gallery below showcasing the exceptional artistry and craftsmanship put into creating their traditional ceremonial wear. The beadwork, vibrant colors, feathers and designs are something I find very inspiring on my travels.

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