Five Best Things About the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia, Canada has many things to offer which are unique to the region. Here are the top five reasons you should visit:

    Vancouver Aquarium Beluga WhaleBeluga Whales are majestic and other worldly… watching them slowly glide across the water is something fantastic. This Beluga and I had a moment! Typically these mammals live in arctic and subarctic waters, and they are known as “sea canaries” because of their songs and chatter which you’ll get a chance to hear at the Vancouver Aquarium.
    Vancouver Aquarium Penguin Point Educational Exhibit Penguin Point is the new home for these adorable South African Penguins and you can get up close and personal. African Penguins have been classified as endangered because their population has decreased 90 percent in the past 30 years, and Vancouver Aquarium is helping to conserve and educate visitors about them.
    Vancouver Aquarium Cute Sea Otters The Sea Otters are playful from dusk till dawn. If you have an obsession with cutie otters (as I do) you can watch them play 24 hours a day on the Vancouver Aquarium’s live internet video stream.
    Vancouver Aquarium Seal Since 1956 this Aquarium has been advancing scientific research to help conserve our natural world through education, research and wildlife rescue. They are a self-supporting, non-profit society and your admission supports their efforts in conservation and research. Save $2 on Admission per person when you display a valid transit pass (bus ticket) to show your efforts to travel smart and support conservation efforts.
    Vancouver Aquarium Strawberry AnemoneThe Aquarium is open 365 days a year. Every holiday. Every. Single. Day.

Thank you for reading! I hope you get a chance to experience the Vancouver Aquarium, watch the otters play, and help support their wildlife conservation efforts!

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