Making A Personal Fragrance is Fun & Affordable

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Why not create your own personalized fragrance that is yours and only yours? The fragrance and skin care hot spot in Burbank, California, known as KleanSpa has made it not only fun, but totally affordable.

KleanSpa is a product line founded in 2005 by Jennifer Hardaway, one which she describes as a journey of discovery that will dip into exotic oils, butters and fragrances and will delight you and your skin. Their fragrances are derived entirely from natural essential oils and their skin care line is filled with natural ingredients (oils, butters, flowers, fruits, seeds and sugars).

Making a custom fragrance is a beautiful experience. You will work with their specialists who help you narrow down what type of scents you enjoy. Just close your eyes and let them help you create exactly what you’re looking for. Their variety of essential oils are impressive and you would be hard-pressed to find something they don’t have. One thing I specifically liked is that you can tell them the name(s) of store bought fragrances you like, and they have the ability to create a similar version of it, or even match it exactly. This could be an inexpensive alternative to high end perfumes you may be addicted to. When you’re done you get to name your new fragrance! 

Pricing options for your own signature scent start at $45.00 for 1/3 oz. They provide it as a bottle, roll-on, or it can be incorporated into other products they create such as body lotions and sugar scrubs.

KleanSpa’s line of fragrances are relaxing, floral, gourmet (yes, as in food!), fruity, and beyond. Their selection really has something for everyone, including men.

Their Customer Service is excellent; once you’ve been into their shop and you know what you like, you can order online or over the phone and they provide free shipping on orders over $85.00.

A gift certificate to KleanSpa is an excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day and Birthdays, or consider a ‘fragrance blending party’ for bachelorette parties or girls weekends. Enjoy!

For my friends in Vancouver, you’re going to love this! There are several places in the city you can create your own fragrance. My favorite choice for brilliant all-natural scents, for both men and women, is Ayala Moriel Parfums in West End Downtown. Click here to get an idea of the amazing scents she has created and the ingredients she uses. Be sure to check Groupon because sometimes Ayala has great discounts there. If you enjoy natural healing, you’re going to love Saje in Kitsilano who focus on plant-derived essential oils and base ingredients. They have created all-natural products for health remedies including weight-loss, fatigue, anxiety, allergies, insomnia and arthritis. They are really wonderful and their site offers a number of discounts up to 40$ Off. Have fun!

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