Spring on California’s Blossom Trail

Spring on the Blossom Trail 03_sq

I recently visited the San Joaquin Valley in Central California (near Fresno) to photograph the hundreds of acres dedicated to fruit orchards known as "The Blossom Trail". Other than a small pack of adorable little 'watch dogs', the only company I had was the chirping birds and industrious bees. It was one of the prettiest mornings I can remember... the fragrance of honey in the air and flower petals covering the floor. Not to Read More

Puppy Patrol

Playful Puppy in Peach Tree Orchard

I recently visited fruit orchards in central California to photograph their annual spring blooms, and as it turned out, the highlight of my trip had nothing to do with flowers.... The local tourism office encourages visitors to drive the "Blossom Trail" with a provided map and you can pull over for photo ops at various orchards. So I did, paying attention to avoid the places with 'keep out' or 'no trespassing' signs. I came Read More

Embracing Flaws: Film Photography in France

seaside mediterranean hotel

I had traveled 7 countries and 8 US states having shot about a dozen rolls of 120 film with my Holga camera, a lightweight plastic film camera from the 1980s. The whole idea of film photography with a Holga is what some people call a "low-fidelity aesthetic" where flaws such as light leaks, blurry edges and other distortions are the norm. Well, if flaws are what you seek, then I have a doozy for you. When I got home Read More

Spices of the World

traveler gifts_spices of the world

As we visit other cultures on our travels we become inspired by the intense flavors and unique traditions. Even those of us who have zero experience in the kitchen sometimes find ourselves feeling bold enough to attempt a Moroccan or Indian recipe. In a way, the flavors bring back memories of our travels and celebrate those cultures. It's always fun, but not necessarily easy to find the spices you need—and when you do find Read More

An Entire Dog Mall in Tokyo, Japan

adorable dog mall tokyo

It is no secret that many of Tokyo's 13 million inhabitants love animals. Animal cafés across the city allow apartment dwellers an opportunity to give and receive love from an animal and thus help relieve stress in their lives. As an animal lover, this is a concept I can totally appreciate. Despite having a list of dog cafés to visit on my trip to Tokyo, I couldn't locate a single one! I found navigating the city overwhelming, Read More

Why Trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand

group of trekkers in Chiang Mai

If you've spent any time in Chiang Mai, your visit was undoubtedly memorable. Though the city has an incredible amount of things to see and do, trekking is the number one thing that draws visitors. You'll find tour companies on almost every corner who offer multi-day trekking tours into the mountains of northern Thailand for a chance to experience authentic hill tribe cultures. There are some things I wish I had done Read More

Fresh Berry Farm on a West Coast Road Trip

fresh berry farm on the California coast

One of the great treats of a west coast road trip is the fantastic fruit stands. This one is my favorite and I can't wait to go back—that probably sounds crazy, but so be it. Their berries have such intense flavor and their shop is a welcoming break from the long drive. Located twenty miles south of Santa Cruz on the California coastal Highway 1 is the fully organic Swanton Berry Farm. They also have a second location just ten Read More

Featured Artist: Photographer Brian Griffin

Sunshot and Sultry 10_Brian Griffin

Young minds are fresh with curiosity and a point of view that can be fascinating. On a recent trip to Chicago I came across a collection of photographic works like I'd never seen before. Photographer Brian Griffin has re-imagined the basic concepts of exposing a film negative which he has agreed to share here. He is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Concentration in Read More

Where to See Icelandic Horses in the Wild

Fluffy Icelandic horse

Authored by Megan Jerrard While Icelandic tourism is on the rise, many tourists don’t stray too far from the capital of Reykjavik, which is shame because they are missing out on the chance to meet Iceland’s wild horses. You won’t see scenes like this anywhere else in the world. Horses run free against backdrops of majestic glaciers, gushing geysers, glittering ice caps which pierce the sky, and vibrant green fjords which Read More