Sweet Pea Gardens Will Brighten Your Day

sun-kissed sweet pea flowers pink and white

Light and delicate, sweet pea flowers (Lathyrus odoratus) were discovered in the 17th century by Italian monk Father Francis Cupani who was traveling through the Sicilian countryside. Sweet pea flowers' pronounced yet delicate fragrance means that they are excellent for perfuming a room, and are often prettiest when placed in a simple mason jar. If you had any wonder of their scent, just think of honey sometimes with a dash of Read More

Soaking Up Mallorca: Village of Fornalutx

Grazing sheep at Mallorca citrus grove

"Savoring Mallorca is like a trip through the looking glass to see what life is really supposed to look like. Slow, quiet, rich with treasures from the land and local personalities that honor their heritage. They certainly live to enjoy each day." Have you heard of Mallorca? It's one of three islands off the coast of Spain and is known for its Mediterranean coves, old-world traditions and mountain villages filled with Read More

Recommendations for a Weekend in Victoria, British Columbia

VictoriaBC_horse carriage.jpg

This Capital city of British Columbia Canada is a blend of old world charm and modern experiences, a rare quality that makes it an excellent destination for weekend getaways. And while it's the historic architecture that attracts most visitors to the downtown area (home to 240 historic heritages sites), I would say overall it’s well-suited for those interested in history, architecture, food and marine life. While the Read More

Pet Cafés in Paris

pet cafe in paris

Pet establishments have been gaining popularity all over the globe. In an article from Forbes, feline-friendly coffee shops in the US were featured which draw in customers with the help of cats. On the other side of the world, the same phenomenon has been happening for far longer like I've shown here on Try Something Fun through one of my posts about Japan, wherein a whole shopping mall welcomes dog-lovers along with their Read More

South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes

The Rose Garden includes a large collection of beautiful David Austin English Roses like these. Aren't they stunning?

Palos Verdes in Los Angeles is home to a lesser-known botanic garden that is quite the hidden gem, especially in spring and summer. The 87-acre property with 2,500 species of plants from all over the world particularly excels in California native plants, many of which have colorful blooms year-round. The most notable highlights of a day at the South Coast Botanic Garden include: Small but stunning Dahlia Garden with an Read More

Sailing the Island of Capri, Italy

Capri_boat_tour-170-2 sq

Experiencing Capri from upon the sea is nothing if not alluring, something I've now had the chance to learn for myself. In October, my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of a private boat tour from a wild-haired Italian sailor named Gianni who loves being on the water and knows every detail of the island's history. I'm guessing that he would be out there on his boat even if he didn't have customers. From the padded sundeck of Read More

California Poppy Flower Super Bloom

Close Up Wild Poppies

What an incredible display of California poppies at Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore! I arrived early in the morning with only a few people in sight and the poppies mostly closed. Scattered patches of tiny blue and purple wildflowers found their home among the poppies, which really made it feel like I had stepped into a Monet painting. With the sun bearing down as I made my way up into the hills, the poppies began opening before Read More

12 Unexpected Things About Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan ancient temple

Sweets are their #1 souvenir, most of them originally created as a companion to tea. Almost every place you look you will find pastry and sweets shops but the Lawson convenience stores are an inexpensive way to try a variety of unusual treats.Even in fine hotels beds are nearly hard as wood. They will take some getting used to, but you might sleep better than usual.WiFi is hard to find though it's common for tourists to rent a Read More

Tuscany In A Day

Tuscany countryside rolling hills

The countryside of Tuscany needs no introduction, with its hilltop towns and medieval villages each having a special charm different from the last. While some suggest that it is best explored with your own car and a relaxed schedule, I opted to join a one-day tour with CiaoFlorence! in an effort to keep stress to a minimum and learn which area(s) I'd like to spend more time in. Departing from Florence, we ventured south to Read More

La Purisma Mission: Living History Museum

The La Purisma Mission is located in Lompoc, California 50 miles west of Santa Barbara, within the larger La Purisma Mission State Historic Park which spans nearly 2,000 acres. Almost a small city in itself, it is the only existing example in California of a complete Spanish Catholic mission and is thereby known as a "living history museum."

In Lompoc, California just 50 miles from downtown Santa Barbara is the La Purisma Mission State Historic Park which spans nearly 2,000 acres. Standing on a small fraction of that property and almost a small city in itself, is the La Purisma Mission. It is the only existing example in California of a Spanish Catholic mission and is thereby known as a living history Read More