Soaking Up Mallorca: Village of Fornalutx

Valley of Soller

“Savoring Mallorca is like a trip through the looking glass to see what life is really supposed to look like. Slow, quiet, rich with treasures from the land and local personalities that honor their heritage. They certainly live to enjoy each day.”

Have you heard of Mallorca? It’s one of three islands off the coast of Spain and is known for its Mediterranean coves, old-world traditions and mountain villages filled with personality and charm. On a solo European adventure I had the pleasure of spending a couple of weeks based in the rustic town of Sóller, a truly a wonderful community with much to offer a culture-loving traveler seeking a mellow vacation. One of my favorite moments there was nibbling on my hazelnut pastry as I shopped the market in the town square and musicians played festive accordion music. I later got a taste of true Mallorquin life when visiting the farm house of a family friend, complete with his pet sheep (to provide milk and cheese), lemon trees (for limoncello), and a garden dripping with sun-ripened tomatoes. Such a scene would be incomplete without homemade wine—the garden included a handful of grape vines and an ancient grape press, while I was informed that the first room they completed inside the house was the most important one: the wine cellar.  On my last night in Sóller I soaked up the sunset and feasted on Mallorquin Frites while perched high above the coast at Mirador Ses Barques. Incredible!

Day Trip To Fornalutx

The mountain village of Fornalutx (pronounced for-na-looch) is a 40-minute walk from Sóller and makes for a nice day trip. It’s history dates back over one thousand years and is often referred to as the “prettiest village in Spain”. The leisurely walk of paved roads brought me through citrus orchards, abandoned farm houses, terraced groves and even sheep grazing for fallen fruits. Once I had arrived, it was clear that the gem of Fornalutx is the sweeping view it offers of the valley. Technically it was the low-season (September) and it seemed as though I had the village to myself; I only saw two others. The town square was festive with white streamers hung, cobblestone lanes covered with potted plants, blooming bougainvillea at almost every turn, and many homes bearing unique front doors that are photo worthy in themselves. Awarded over the years for their tourism and conservation efforts, every house in the village bears red roof tiles and exposed rock facades.

The preserved rustic charm is enough to make anyone fall in love with the village life. Please enjoy a little glimpse of Fornalutx, Spain.

terraced gardens mallorca

Terraces of olive and citrus trees surround the village of Fornalutx, some of which are over a thousand years old.

Village of Fornalutx

With a population of only 687 people, Fornalutx is where you go to slow down.

Sa Tanqueta hotel view Fornalutx

High up on a walking trail or a hotel terrace, views of the valley are one the village’s draws, like this view from the hotel Sa Tanqueta.

Sa Tanqueta hotel pool Fornalutx

Hotel Sa Tanqueta is one of the most popular accomodations for overnight visitors.

Sa Tanqueta hotel Fornalutx suite terraza

Can you picture yourself dining on this terrace from a suite at hotel Sa Tanqueta?


A bakery in the center of Fornalutx provides fresh baked breads and pastries each day.


Grazing sheep are common throughout the valley and I passed many on the walk from Sóller to Fornalutx.

Fornalutx_Spain-4890 Fornalutx_Spain-4916


Plants line most passageways in the village such as this one, offering a sense of natural comfort.

Fornalutx town square

The town square of Fornalutx seems to bear festive decor all year round.

can verdera hotel Fornalutx

The shaded courtyard garden at hotel Can Verdera is an absolute pleasure to relax in with a glass of local wine.

fornalutx map

Mallorquin Market Goods

market goods Soller

There is no shortage of Mallorca’s top products at Sóller’s weekend market including these local delicacies of walnuts in honey and citrus marmalades.

Other Dreamy Spots on Mallorca

If you are drawn to destinations off the beaten path, I suggest also considering other northwest towns of Mallorca including Valledemossa and Deia (which you may recognize from the television series The Night Manager) and the stunning beach cove Sa Calobra. Photos are below to feed your wanderlust…


Valldemossa, the highest town on Mallorca, draws people to it’s ancient monastery and the Chopin Museum where the famous composer once lived.


The coastal village of Deià boasts incredible Mediterranean views.

western cove of Sa Calobra

The small beach cove of Sa Calobra is a popular one, though accessed only via boat or an extreme winding road which is popular with bicyclists.


A special thanks to fellow world traveler William Lowe, hotel Sa Tanqueta and abcMallorca for their photo contributions. Please visit the Best of Mallorca 2017 as a guide to planning your visit. Thank you for visiting TrySomethingFun.

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