Don’t Stress When Planning Tuscany

From the wild and rustic Chianti region to the manicured cypress trees of Val D’Orcia, there are a great many options when wine tasting on the Tuscan countryside. Over 25,000 wineries in fact. One winery I visited was not the best nor did I particularly care for the wine, but the scenery and ambiance were iconically Tuscan and unforgettable. I’m telling you about it because there’s an important travel tip in there… let me show you.

Recently I met several travelers who had put so much pressure on themselves to find the best places on the Tuscan countryside that they were stressed and had difficulty enjoying themselves. I have been guilty of that, too. An unexpected snag (no GPS signal) sent one couple spinning. You don’t want that kind of vacation!

Tuscany Travel Recommendations

Here’s my point: Do not pressure yourself to find the most ‘perfect’ spot when planning Tuscany. Read up on the basics of travel in Tuscany by the expert himself, Rick Steves, and then allow yourself to be spontaneous. The Italian villas, vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees and lavender gardens are delights you are likely to see no matter where you visit in the region. While each place has its own unique charms, none of them suck. Slow down, don’t stress, and just soak it all up.

Many travel guides suggest making the town of Montepulciano your base for exploring the countryside, though expert world-travelers Dave & Deb (from ThePlanetD) recommend making your base at ‘Borgo Argenina’ in the heart of Chianti Classico region, an hour from Florence. Borgo Argenina offers restored villas dating back to 998 A.D. and every single thing about it is the Tuscany I had imagined – watching the sun set over the rolling hills with a glass of wine, soaking in a claw foot tub with a pristine view of vineyards and olive groves, your host Elena preparing dinner from her garden and teaching you how to cook local specialties, truffle hunting with Giorgio—it’s all there!

I’ll leave you with some photographs I took in October upon visiting the Lornano Winery in Tuscany. Please enjoy, and thank you for visiting my blog!

Florence_Tour-69tuscany_wine_tasting_lornano-villatuscany_wine_tasting_lornano-pool tuscany_wine_tasting_lornano-olive grove tuscany_wine_tasting_lornano-wine cellar

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