Free Wine and Spirits Tastings in Portland, Oregon

There are over 300 wineries in the state of Oregon and they have an international reputation for their wine production. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you might be interested in knowing where to go for free tastings. Click the title of any place on my list to see their location and visitor information.

Liner and Elsen
They have free wine tastings on Saturdays all summer long, starting at noon until the well runs dry. Amazing wine selection with a very knowledgeable staff.

The Friday night tastings are the best in town and are usually free. The wine makers are also frequently there and they pour from 6-9pm.

Clear Creek Distillery
Free tastings are Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm, show up before 4:30pm though.
You won’t find wine here but these folks have merged traditional brandy making with the finest Oregon fruits and berries — the result is over 20 different kinds of Brandy, 6 different Grappas (Brandy made from pressed skins and seeds of grapes) and 7 different berry flavored liqueurs. They are one of the oldest distilleries in Oregon.

House Spirits Distillery
Their tasting room is rustic with twinkle lights… I love twinkle lights. They are currently pouring free samples of their Aviation American Gin, their new Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey and several other creations.

Made In Oregon
This is a great place to shop for exclusive Portland items. Every weekend in summer they do free tastings of either wines, beers or local gourmet snacks. This weekend at the Lloyd Center location, July 27 & 28th, they have beer tastings both days 1-4pm.

John’s Marketplace
Biggest beer bottle selection ever, both local and imported. I’ve heard nothing but raves about this place from folks who love beer. Brewers occasionally show up and do free tastings but you’ll only hear about it on the marquee out front, or you can call. Wine tastings Friday and Saturdays 5-7pm — for a cost of $5 you can taste 10-12 bottles. That’s a great price.

Woodstock Wine & Deli Co
Every Friday after 6pm you can try 8-10 international wines, by region or theme, a mix of both whites and reds. Cost is $10. Charming and very popular. Good option for stocking up for a picnic too. They sometimes do blind tastings (up to 17 different bottles) and you rate them.

Sample a wide range of local wines here on Friday nights from 4:30-8pm. $10 per flight. They also have a big outdoor patio and free snacks. They sometimes have free tastings on the weekends, but check their site.
With over 285 vendors, this is going to be a very full day that you won’t regret. Every weekend from March 2 through Dec 24. The hours are Saturdays 10am-5pm and Sundays 11am-4:30pm. No entry fee.

Annual Oregon Brewers Festival @ Waterfront Park
The festival actually started today and goes until July 28th! They are featuring over 80 different craft beers from around the country and over 20 styles of handcrafted brews. Admission is free, you must purchase a $7 souvenir tasting glass and beer costs $4 per glass or $1 per taste.

Buy this passport online for $20 or purchase direct from any of the wineries featured in the passport. Those wineries will give you a free tasting flight and 10% off any wine purchases. The passport has more discounts for partnering retail shops, restaurants and public transportation.

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