Pet Cafés in Paris

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Pet establishments have been gaining popularity all over the globe. In an article from Forbes, feline-friendly coffee shops in the US were featured which draw in customers with the help of cats. On the other side of the world, the same phenomenon has been happening for far longer like I’ve shown here on Try Something Fun through one of my posts about Japan, wherein a whole shopping mall welcomes dog-lovers along with their four-legged companions.

Paris joined the trend as well, giving rise to similar establishments that allow you to bring and/or interact freely with pets. Considering the number of residents and tourists visiting the city, animal lovers will be happy to know that there is an abundance of cat cafés and dog friendly restaurants all over town.

These places bring a sense of comfort for pet owners by allowing the whole family or group to dine out including their four-legged member – a comfort that we are familiar with and love. Plus, with the exception of people with allergies, who doesn’t love animals? Even non-animal people can’t help but be curious about these animal themed eateries. It’s not at all surprising considering their willingness to follow all the insanely cute pet accounts on the social media platform Instagram or play with them virtually on recreational platforms like Slingo which hosts the animal-themed casual game, Fluffy Favourites that’s filled with cuddly creatures. The love for animals manifests in all sorts of ways, more so if it’s your own pet, which is why people like to take them almost everywhere they go. Though we don’t expect a fine dining experience at an animal friendly place, we’re curious to check out restaurants that welcome dogs or houses rescued cats.

Here are a few pet cafés in Paris to start off:

Le Café de Chats

Cat lovers across France rejoiced when the country’s first cat café opened according to the BBC. Paris finally adopted the Japanese food and feline concept with the grand opening of Le Café de Chats in the Marais neighborhood back in September 2013, but rather than the cats being the main focus of the establishment, Margaux Gandelon has also made it a point to offer high quality tea time snacks. Tea is widely consumed in Paris, and we highlighted some of their best tea rooms in the blog post, Ten Excellent Paris Tea Rooms.

That said, Le Café de Chats has something unique courtesy of the rescued cats which are there as furry residents. They weave through your legs as you eat and you’re allowed to pet them once you’ve washed your hands. Over the past few years, it has attracted a loyal following and there are now two branches in Paris.

cat cafe

Au Petit Sud Ouest

Just a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower most respected restaurants, is one of the city’s Au Petit Sud Ouest. The owners of the places are also very friendly and accommodating to dog parents, letting you sip their finest French wines at the outdoor seating area with your furry companion sitting beside you.

Café de I’industrie

The outdoor patio makes it a perfect spot for an early morning breakfast or weekend brunch with friends, and if you were thinking of squeezing in a walk before you meet the girls for mimosas, you can take your dog with you, as the restaurant has a pet friendly dining area called Bring Fido.

dog cafe


These are just three of the popular pet friendly establishments in Paris. If you’ve visited others in the city or have your own experiences in the aforementioned, don’t forget to share your stories! As always, thank you for reading.

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