A Vintage Fashion Wonderland in Edinburgh, Scotland


I found myself in Edinburgh, Scotland with a few days to kill. I had no plans, I only knew I didn’t want to spend my days in the souvenir shops. As I strolled down a winding road I’m thinking, ‘this is more like it’, there is almost nobody around and I see these quirky, artsy store fronts, the kind that make you wonder what exactly they are selling. I didn’t realize then that I was headed to the Grassmarket area, a famous historic marketplace in the Old Town part of Edinburgh:


Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium
Next thing I knew I was inside this outrageous vintage shop, incredibly curious from every angle. I was entirely certain I had been transported to a fairy tale world. Check out the photos, you’ll begin to understand.


This is what I love about wandering new places; there behind this little, unsuspecting storefront is a Britain’s largest vintage clothing emporium established in 1840. They have Scottish kilts and highland wear, heavy fur and leather coats, 1950s ball gowns, vintage lingerie, disco-era jumpsuits, colorful collections of suspenders, boots, sunglasses, scarves, skirts, dresses, hats, gloves, Levis, things from all over Europe and spanning many decades – I mean this waaay beyond any vintage clothing store I have seen, and I have seen many.

It’s called Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium and you can shop their super cool EBay Store online. Find yourself a costume or just something that speaks to you; everything is one of a kind. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this, I hope you enjoy!


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