Countryside for Londoners – Hampstead Heath

I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in London who lives in an area called Hampstead Heath, and it was something I never expected. It’s an ancient park covering 790 acres and is one of the highest points in London. It has playgrounds, running tracks, duck ponds, three public swimming ponds and impressive views of the city. Some say it is the countryside for Londoners, and it’s just five miles from Trafalgar Square. They also have lakeside concerts there in the summertime.

The park is home to the Kenwood House which is an English Manor dating back to the early 17th century. The manor, its gardens, gift shop and Brewhouse Cafe are open to the public. The Cafe patio behind the house is sort of nestled in the middle of the gardens, perfect for breakfast or tea.



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  • Suzette Barnett

    Lucky you! I hear ya about the cold, I’m the same way.

  • Megan Claire

    I did a gap year in Haywards Heath in 2007 for 12 months. Was the greatest year! We didn’t ever try the public ponds lol I’m a bit chicken when it comes to being cold :D!

  • Suzette Barnett

    Thanks Meg! I didn’t know you lived near London. Did you ever try one of the public ponds? I saw people doing it but it looked freezing! I love having a natural oasis so close to a big, bustling city.

  • Megan Claire

    Beautiful photos – I love Hampstead Heath! This was one of my favorite areas when I lived just out of London!

    Meg @ Mapping Megan