12 Unexpected Things About Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan unexpected things

    Sweets are their #1 souvenir, most of them originally created as a companion to tea. Almost every place you look you will find pastry and sweets shops but the Lawson convenience stores are an inexpensive way to try a variety of unusual treats.Even in fine hotels beds are nearly hard as wood. They will take some getting used to, but you might sleep better than usual.WiFi is hard to find though it’s common for tourists to rent a portable router they keep in a pocket.Crafty hawks may circle above and swoop down to steal any food you eat while you’re outside. Trust me.Geisha culture is alive and strong in the Gion district. It’s a treat to see one, even for a local.Kyoto Station is massive beyond comprehension. It houses the train and bus stations, the tourism office, restaurants, a hotel, shopping mall, department store, movie theater and is one of the largest buildings in Japan. Make your base nearby because it caters to tourists while the city outside may not feel that way.Public bath houses are common in many hotels hotels, but cover your tattoos.With heated toilets and bus seats, great effort has been made to keep your booty warm. Embrace it.Charms on cell phones are not just for kids but adults and salarymen too. They are for personal expression and good luck.Buses are a more practical means of transportation than the subway and if you plan on 2 or more trips per day, buy a day pass.The Kyoto Tower is the tallest structure in the city and has an observation deck up top; grab a drink up there and soak up your last night in Kyoto.Contrary to what I heard, hotels are affordable on Booking.com or Agoda and clothing / accessories are of comparable prices to the US. Don’t delay your trip because “it’s so expensive”, that’s not true.

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