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manhattan beach walking street ocean view

This is the view I love in Manhattan Beach, California.

I adore Manhattan Beach. One of my other loves is breakfast / brunch. Seriously, what’s not to love about sunshine and a brilliant spread of waffles, veggie omelets, blueberry or banana pancakes and fresh fruit?

Where am I going with this? Saturday morning breakfast in Manhattan Beach at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. Sit on the patio of this house built in 1908, soak up the ocean-air, sipping your OJ and have one of their pancake or waffle creations. TIP: weekends are typically packed here, so show up before 10am or after 1:30pm to avoid the crowd.

Recently at Uncle Bill’s I tried something new. The menu said that the ‘Mitch’s Scramble’ (green chile and cream cheese scramble) was award winning. Oh really…? Award winning you say…?

The Mitch’s Scramble was really good! But the even better thing is that it’s super easy to make, just three ingredients and you can have this Manhattan Beach award-winning breakfast in your own home. And I have. Several times recently, in fact… Here’s how it goes:

  • Pour your whisked eggs into a skillet and toss in a couple heaping spoonfuls of canned mild green chiles. Mix it all up and keep it moving just as you would normally cook scrambled eggs.
  • Dish the scrambled eggs onto plate(s).
  • Add small squares of cream cheese (I use the low-fat Neufchatel cream cheese) over the eggs and gently stir into the scramble. The hot eggs will help melt the cream cheese.


cream cheese scramble recipe

green chile scrambled eggs recipe

Those little green chiles add a tang that is so yummy when paired with the cream cheese!

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