Unusual Souvenirs Only at Mt Fuji

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, I highly recommend a short getaway to see the majestic Mt Fuji. It is the single-most popular tourism site in all of Japan and has been inspiring people since at least the 7th century. If aerial views of Fuji from one of the world’s most breathtaking cable car rides isn’t enough to convince you, these Fuji-only souvenirs might reel you in. Most of these can only be found in the shops near Mt Fuji; I found them in the hot springs town of Hakone (haw-cone-ay). Have a look for yourself:

Mt Fuji special kit kat

My favorite: Strawberry Cheesecake KitKats covered with white chocolate.

Both the chocolates and the boxes reflect the beautiful Mt Fuji.

These sweets depict the large pirate ship that cruises tourists on Lake Ashi, providing a unique view of Mt Fuji.

Super cute images of people soaking in hot springs baths!

Award-winning sake from a brewing company founded in 1789. Excellent souvenir for friends or family.

Similar to Cadbury chocolate cream eggs, these depict black eggs known as ‘kuro tamago’, which are boiled in hot springs.

Triple layered cookies with cream between each… maybe the layers depict the volcanic layers of earth around Fuji?

Sweets that depict the sacred cherry blossoms which thrive throughout Fuji’s surrounding landscape.

Hello Kitty socks from Mt Fuji. Pretty darn cute.

Of all the ridiculous key chain souvenirs I see when I travel, this is one of the funniest.

Surprisingly, Amazon sells a few great souvenirs from Mt. Fuji and so I’ve selected a few favorites below. Also, the Rakuten Global Marketplace (Japan’s version of Amazon that ships worldwide) offers a huge selection of goodies from Mt Fuji—these would make great gifts for those who love travel. See Rakuten’s many Mt. Fuji souvenirs here.

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