The Iconic Griffith Observatory

I practically grew up at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. I remember Earth Day celebrations in the park where I planted tree saplings with my Dad, walked the forest trails and became totally mesmerized by that giant swaying ball in the Griffith Observatory lobby. Seriously, I would watch it for hours trying to decide if it was swaying from the Earth’s magnetic pull or rather some machine in the ceiling.

While there is much to learn inside the Art Deco structure, I feel there is a lot to learn from the outside, too. As someone who for a long time wasn’t sure if I loved or hated my hometown, I would like to extend my gratitude to this city and the Griffith Observatory for giving me a place that holds so much value, both in my heart and my smarts. And for making sure it will always remain. This year on my Birthday I wanted to honor the Observatory in the only way I know how, so please enjoy my photographs below. Thank you.

Griffith_Observatory-scenic lookoutGriffith_Observatory-west Griffith_Observatory staircase Griffith_Observatory DomeGriffith_Observatory-Foucault Pendulum Griffith_Observatory art deco design Griffith_Observatory-view Griffith_Observatory-scenic trail Griffith_Observatory-flowers Griffith_Observatory-scenic LA Griffith_Observatory-wild trees Griffith_Observatory-south view Griffith_Observatory-young couple sunset at the Hollywood sign Griffith_Observatory-blue hour downtown LA at night from Griffith_Observatory



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