Celebrating Seattle: Historic King Street Train Station


King Street Train Station Seattle waiting area

I was in for a surprise when I boarded the Amtrak Cascades train in Vancouver, heading to Seattle. The restoration of the historic King Street Station in Seattle is a truly beautiful sight and I recommend it to anyone visiting the city. Originally built in 1906, the railway station is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. Over the years, unfortunately remodeling concealed the original ornate interior, however, a multi-million dollar restoration project was completed in 2013 and the result is gorgeous! Local writer Ronald Holden put it well when he said, “It’s high time that the space once again celebrates the grandeur of the city’s limitless ambition.”

If you have a chance to ride the Amtrak Cascades, DO IT because train travel is awesome. The Cascades is a north-south route spanning from Vancouver, BC, through Washington State, down to Eugene, Oregon. The seating has all modern comforts, free wifi, power outlets and soft chairs that can rotate 360 degrees. With bistro and lounge cars offering small food and drink options, it’s nice riding through the Pacific Northwest sipping hot coffee or tea. Make your budget stretch further by taking advantage of Amtrak’s promotional offers including promo codes you’ll find online and hefty discounts for advance bookings. I could have saved 50% if I’d booked three days before my trip instead of one day before. Another cost-saver though less scenic, is that evening trains are cheaper than daytime trains. If you’d like further tips about the Cascades train, read this handy article by travel blogger Claire from YVR.

Happy train travel and thank you so much for reading!

King Street Train Station Seattle Ticket Doors

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