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Road trips don’t need to be stressful if you plan ahead for the most part, and it helps to be open to new experiences. A lovely friend and traveler Rachel Winter just completed a west coast road trip using the mobile app RoadTrippers and she’s reviewed it for us here.

Rachel is a 26 year old travel enthusiast from Illinois and took this ten-day trip solo. She doesn’t like to over-plan and she loves taking photographs with her Canon Rebel T3i camera. She recommends this mobile app for everyone from super planners to the more spontaneous types. Click the map below to see Rachel’s west coast road trip itinerary, you don’t need an account to see all the fantastic places she stopped:

How Does the RoadTrippers App Work?
On a desktop computer, you just create a free account, enter your start and end locations and any places you know you want to stop. The app will choose the best route for you and even estimate your gas usage. It automatically saves your trip so you can track it on your phone as you travel. Creating the itinerary for my road trip was done over the course of two weeks because I asked a lot of friends for suggestions and I didn’t want to miss the best hidden gems!

What was Most Useful About the App?

From one point to the next it shows the mileage and time it takes to get there, which was very helpful. A great perk is being able to select from categories like restaurants, hotels, hostels, monuments, museums, offbeat attractions, wildlife & zoos, etc. and everything in that category that exists along your route. This is what I used to find a place to stay sometimes. You can adjust the miles from your route that you’re interested in browsing, a fantastic feature for the spontaneous traveler. The interface was easy to use and I think most anyone could easily navigate it. 

As I met travelers and locals on the road, people would recommend places to see and I’d look them up; if I decided to go I could easily adjust my route. I found it really useful that every attraction in the app has reviews from travelers, photos, ratings and the hours of operation. For example, this is the Roadtrippers info about Multnomah Falls in Portland:

Your trip is entirely shareable with this app so I was able to send my itinerary to my parents and print it out for myself. It is easily shared on social media so your friends can offer their own suggestions or just follow along your travels.

The app also has a couple popular routes as a template, such as Route 66. If I had decided to do that trip, I would hardly have to plan at all, it’s already been figured out with the main attractions already marked on my map.

Thank you, Rachel, happy travels!

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