Parisian Moments

B&W Eiffel Tower at night Paris

Saluting the most grand icon of France: La tour Eiffel, standing strong since the year 1889.
Photograph taken with Canon 6D | 24mm | f/8 | 3.2 sec | iso100

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in Paris taking photographs that capture some of the timeless, iconic settings that make Parisian life so dreamy. For only a short period of time, a small collection of my Paris photographs will be available for purchase in the Etsy shop “Parisian Moments” (an online marketplace) owned by one of the top selling photographers on Etsy. Every piece of work is printed with beautiful premium quality archival photographic paper and inks, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Below is a peek at some of the pieces now available:

romantic Paris wall decor magical Paris home decor Paris wall art vibrant Paris wall art vintage Paris wall decor Paris cafe wall decor

Timeless Paris Home Decor

I did some mockups below to see what these would look like as wall decor in a home and I’m really happy with the result. Can you imagine one of these in your home? Paris will always be in our hearts, but it’s nice to see a daily reminder…

White Walls Brick Interior With Golden Carved Frame And HardwoodPicture Frame

Blue Work Table And Chair beautiful interiors of a modern house, dining room wooden picture frame with lamps

Bookshelf On The Wall With Lamp And Books


Visit the “Parisian Moments” shop here. Thank you so much for your interest and support!


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