Oregon Cows are Happy Cows – West Coast Road Trip

West Coast Road Trip (continued)


Continuing in this series of a west coast road trip, we headed north and crossed the California / Oregon border, two things were completely evident: 

  • Oregon cows are very happy cows, and 
  • the sky is definitely different in Oregon. No question about it. 

Check out the view these cows have, not to mention all the open space. So spoiled! The white of the clouds and the blue of the sky seemed more natural or “perfect” than I was used to. This just confirmed that I was definitely no longer home, and I loved it. 




We drove through Klamath Falls and spent some time fishing at Sprague River. Very beautiful scenery (below).
Oregon_roadtrip_sprague river
I saw several wild bunny rabbits and spent a good chunk of time bird watching. There’s a first time for everything I guess.
Oregon_wild bunny Oregon_birds
Onward toward Crater Lake, we stopped at a very dramatic lookout point.

There was a huge ravine with a rushing river far below (see the little bit of white near the bottom).

Oregon_roadtrip_trees 1

Oregon_roadtrip_trees 2

Next Stop: Crater Lake! Come with me!

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