Lake Hollywood, The Road Less Traveled

Scenic Hollywood Lake Reservoir Hollywood Sign

View of the Hollywood sign from the walking path around Lake Hollywood.

Hollywood Reservoir, also known as Lake Hollywood, is a definite hidden gem. Most people visit for the paved, flat, pedestrian trail extending a 3.2 mile loop around the perimeter of the reservoir. It’s enjoyed by joggers, walkers and bicyclists every single day. 

The walk is peaceful and you’ll see some great views of Lake Hollywood, Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign. Most people who visit for the first time ask themselves, ‘How have I never been here before?’ The path was closed in 2005 due to landslides, but after $9.5 million in repairs, it has recently reopened. The path is flanked by oak, pine, eucalyptus, agave and sage trees / plants, and the brisk fresh air is sure to disguise the exercise you’ll get exploring the path. 

This reservoir is part of the city’s water storage and supply system and is created by Mulholland dam; below is a good photo that shows the dam.

Scenic Hollywood Lake Reservoir Mulholland Dam
How to get there:

From the 101 Freeway northbound, exit at Barham and turn right (east). Make a right turn onto Lake Hollywood Drive and follow the road through a residential neighborhood. (PS: on weekends I usually find awesome garage sales in this area!) You’ll come to an intersection at Wonder View Drive, turn down the hill toward the reservoir and park on the street. There is an open gate for pedestrians just ahead. There are actually several places you can enter the trail, details can be found at this link.

Hollywood Lake Park map walking trail scenic Hollywood sign
Sadly no dogs are allowed because it is a water facility in case of emergency, but dog owners are in luck! One of the best dog parks in the city is nearby: Lake Hollywood Park in Hollywoodland. It’s open daily 5am to sunset.

Lake Hollywood dog park Hollywoodland

At the dog park in Hollywoodland even the pups have a view of the Hollywood sign!

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