Descanso Gardens in Springtime

Arched bridge at the Japanese Garden

Arched bridge at the Japanese Garden with lush foliage, fuchsia azalea flowers and sweeping ‘Beni-Hoshi’ cherry blossoms.

Tucked away in Los Angeles is the dreamy 150-acre public botanical garden known as Descanso Gardens. Their famed Camellia collection is the largest in North America and the gardens are also home to the remainder of a magical oak tree forest that once consumed the entire region. This spring their Japanese Garden offered cherry trees in full bloom and a sprawling lilac garden with amazingly fragrant blooms. I thought you’d enjoy a peek!

Draping ‘Hana-Fuki’ Camellia flowers.

Hana-Fuki Camellia buds

One of the many budding camellia flowers.


Camellia flowers are in full bloom with varying shades of pink.

photo under cherry blossom tree

Cherry blossom season draws smiling visitors eager for photo ops with the blossoms.

canopy of cherry blossoms

Under a canopy of ‘Akebono’ cherry blossoms.

Delicate ‘Akebono’ cherry blossoms.

Japanese Garden Stonework

Japanese Maple trees in shades of green to copper are scattered throughout the garden.

Koi fish in the Japanese Garden pond.

Koi fish in the Japanese Garden pond.

flowering tree white fluttery petals

Flowering tree with teensy-tiny white fluttering petals.

Large Oak Tree

One of the many captivating oak trees at Descanso.

lilac buds

Budding ‘Necker’ lilac flowers.

Lilac Garden

The Lilac Garden has over 400 plants and 250 different types!

Chinese Wisteria vines hang delicately from a pergola.

Purple and white Chinese Wisteria flowers.

White icelandic poppies.

White Icelandic poppies.

Vibrant gardens

Vibrant gardens line the Promenade.

Breezy Icelandic poppies.

tulip garden

Tulips in a beautiful shade of pink.

red and yellow tulips

Some of the most stunning tulips I have ever seen.

dusty-rose colored bed of unusual tulips

Fringed blooms known as ‘Sensual Touch’ tulips.

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