Burano, Italy: Venice’s Rainbow Island

Burano island, Venice

I hereby dub thee, “Rainbow Island”.

This famously picturesque Venetian island with its canals and brightly colored buildings is one of the most popular destinations for a day-trip from Venice, Italy. Back in the 16th century Burano’s popularity grew with a thriving lace-making industry, a tradition which continues today thanks to a few dedicated families and their lace shops. These days though, some visitors come to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain to the restaurant Da Romano where he apparently had the best risotto he’d ever eaten. While it is understandable that travelers could be lured to the island by the promise of an unforgettable meal, it’s far more likely that you will be drawn in by the artistic spirit of the island, just as I was. Have a look below.

Burano island, VeniceBurano island, Venice Burano island, Venice Burano island, Venice

Burano lace-making in action! On the far right is Burano lace-maker Emma Vidal, 99 years of age.

Women who make lace by hand have dedicated themselves to the tradition. On the far right is lace-maker Emma Vidal, 99 years of age.

Burano island, Venice

burano_italy-row of colorful homes Burano island, Venice
Burano island, Venice Burano island, Venice Burano island, Venice

If you are wondering if Burano is worth the trip, yes it is! My friend and photographer Georgianna Lane suggested that if my island-hopping plans had to be cut short, this is the one island that I wouldn’t want to miss. She was right!


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