Autumn in Vermont with Maple Bacon and Caramelized Apples


A restored historic landmark, the West Monitor Barn is now used for events. All proceeds go toward youth programs in Vermont.

It’s hard to believe that the beautiful fall foliage I experienced in northern Vermont was second-rate to that of just one week earlier.  I was there for location scouting, but instead I was hard at work soaking up the Vermont lifestyle–you know, maple bacon can do that to you. They really take pride in sourcing their food locally, something I got firmly behind the minute I tasted a local burger with maple bacon and caramelized apples. I was reminded again when I had cultured maple butter on blueberry pancakes. Yumm!

My afternoons were spent going for drives through one small town after the other, each covered with fallen yellow leaves. I felt just like I was Diane Keaton in the movie Baby Boom!! I wondered, should I be making applesauce? But seriously, the crisp air and relatively warm temperature for this time of year were in my favor and it allowed me to go on morning walks in town just outside my Bed and Breakfast. The real question is, how do I get myself set up with one of those wood burning stoves? Because I could get used to that.

Main Street, heading on to the next small town after a rainy morning.

Vermont_autumn-rolling stormVermont_autumn_fire

The sun came out to play on this warmer than usual October afternoon.

The sun came out to play on this warmer than usual October afternoon.

Autumn leaves orange and yellow

Beautiful autumn foliage surrounding Lake Champlain, as seen from Overlook Park.

Beautiful autumn foliage surrounding Lake Champlain, as seen from Overlook Park.

View from the farmhouse at Bragg Farm in Fayston, Vermont.

View from the farmhouse at Bragg Farm.

Vermont cultured butter

At Bragg Farm, Marisa Mauro makes small-batch artisan butter from locally sourced fresh cream.

Vermont maple tree, in the flesh!

A Vermont maple tree with no shortage of character!

The Governor’s House, a truly authentic Vermont Bed and Breakfast.

Vermont neighborhood

Small town mornings… nothing like what I’m used to, and I love it.

Hyde Park Vermont

Some of the oldest structures in town… the Opera House and the church, both still in use today. And yes, that church bell still rings!


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  • David C. Phillips

    Looks fantastic Suz. Makes me want to go. It’s great that your post is in depth and not just skimming the surface. Lovely photos!! Thank you!

    • Suzette Barnett

      Thanks David!! I really appreciate your words! I’m so glad I was able to be in New England this time of year. How is Venezia treating you??

      • David C. Phillips

        I’m glad you’re there too:-)

        Pretty amazing! What a place!