Rare & Vibrant Sea Life in Bali

pink and purple ghost pipefish in Bali

Ghost Pipefish in the waters of Amed, Bali

My friend Jason left Los Angeles several years ago looking for the ultimate island lifestyle. He became a professional diving instructor in the Philippines and travels in search of the best diving the South Pacific has to offer. He found a real hidden gem in north-eastern Bali, a place called Amed. To this day, Jason is the happiest person I know. Once in a while I enjoy a peek into his world, so I thought you might, too.
Amed is a small town on the East coast of Bali, a couple of hours north-east of Kuta. Jason rented a scuba air tank and did ‘walk in’ dives at beaches such as Tulamben (a world famous shipwreck site), Seraya and Amed. The beaches were totally secluded. The best dive site, I hear, was Batu Belah, where he spent 3 dives looking for the rarely seen weedy scorpion fish and finally saw some! Jason found a great home base for beach diving at Jukung Bali bungalows. The bungalows had free wifi, but out there you can’t expect them to have the greatest connection. Nearby is Jukung Dive, a 5 star PADI gold palm dive resort in Amed with fully certified dive instructors.


Jukung dive bungalow in Bali

Jukung Bali Bungalows.

The marine life around Bali is very diverse. There you could see small, more rare creatures to large manta rays or even the very rare mola-mola (a 10 ft tall fish). The photographs I’m sharing here are among the most vibrant and rare finds from Jason’s diving trip. If you want to see more, check out the stunning Pinterest album here.

Curious peacock mantis shrimp.

Vibrant peacock mantis shrimp.

Finally seen one of these nudibranchs

Divers waiting around looking for Mola Mola. None

Divers waiting and looking for Mola Mola fish.

Manta swimming close to me was very exciting

Very exciting moment when a manta ray swam by so close!

bali sea life nudibranchs

rarely seen wonderpus octopus

Rarely seen wonderpus octopus found within a few minutes of starting the dive at about 4 meters deep.

Weedy scorpionfish we took 3 dives to find in one dive site_Finally

Finally, after three dives and days of searching, the Weedy Scorpionfish revealed itself!

All photos are copyright of Jason Jue and are used with his permission.


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