My First Vancouver Winter

My first Canadian winter arrived this week! It was late, but undeniable. Vancouver’s winter doesn’t compare to most other parts of Canada or even the world, but the snow came down for 2 days straight and that was plenty. And yes, even this is extreme by my standards because I live in Southern California. I saw the one thing I hoped for, because I knew I would not see it anyplace else: boats in the marina covered in snow!

Seagull footprints on the bottom right!

Seagull footprints on the bottom right! I don’t know why that’s so funny to me.

Buildings behind the clouds Vancouver Canada Winter

Morning fog after the snow cleared.

Sun behind the clouds Vancouver Canada Winter

Sun behind the cloud curtain. The morning after.

Iced Garden Plant Vancouver Canada Winter

The ice crystals reminded me of jewels.

Iced WIndsheild Vancouver Canada Winter

I love this ice texture on someone’s windshield.

Snow on the Burrard Bridge Downtown Vancouver Canada Winter

Burrard Street Bridge in light snow.

Shadows in the snow Vancouver Canada Winter

Shadows on the snow.

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