California Poppy Flower Super Bloom

Hillside of Poppy Flower in Bloom

What an incredible display of California poppies at Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore! I arrived early in the morning with only a few people in sight and the poppies mostly closed. Scattered patches of tiny blue and purple wildflowers found their home among the poppies, which really made it feel like I had stepped into a Monet painting. With the sun bearing down as I made my way up into the hills, the poppies began opening before my eyes! It felt surreal to be engulfed by these blooms—just like a fairy tale. I became determined to capture some images which convey that feeling so you can experience it too. Happy Super Bloom from California!

Hillside of Poppy Flower in BloomPoppy Flower Among White WildflowersWhite Wildflowers in Poppy Field Poppies and purple wildflowers cover a hillside Hillside of wild California Poppies in bloom at Walker Canyonmelissa chang wildflowers friendsPoppies and purple wildflowers cover a hillsideHillside in Bloom with Wildflowers

You can see the poppies just beginning to open up as the sun came out.

You can see the poppies opening up as the sun grew more intense.

California_Poppy_Super_Bloom-60Close up California poppies among purple wildflowers
Hillside in Bloom with WildflowersClose Up Wild California PoppiesHillside of Poppy Flower in BloomHillside of Poppy Flower in BloomCalifornia_Poppy_Super_Bloom-108California_Poppy_Super_Bloom-127California_Poppy_Super_Bloom-143Close Up Wild California PoppiesClose Up Poppy Flowers Among Purple WildflowersClose Up Wild California PoppiesClose Up Wild California PoppiesPoppies and Other Wildlflowers in Bloom

Hillside of Poppy Flower in Bloom

Feel like you’re among the poppies yet?

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