Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this website called Try Something Fun? In a nutshell, I’ve learned first-hand why it’s so important that we step out of our bubble. To some degree, we are shaped by our surroundings and so when we meet people from other cultures, religions and ideologies our understanding grows. Travel keeps us continually learning, evolving and expanding our perspective. Further, and possibly more importantly, it is important to get inspired, not just for yourself but for everyone around you!

Through this website I share the best experiences from my travels which are typically off the beaten path. If you are in search of a unique travel experience, check out my blog posts. From quiet gardens to pristine beaches or night time cityscapes, I’m always on the lookout for great photo opportunities and memorable experiences. I put a lot of time and effort into making sure that you have a great time when you travel so I am very happy to hear from those who found something here helpful. I love to hear about your recommendations too, so don’t be shy!

Where I’ve Traveled

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I adore all things California.

How am I able to travel so much? I keep my cost of living relatively low so I can travel between freelance jobs and sometimes I can work remotely from my laptop (remote jobs listed here). Freelancing also gives me the opportunity to do visual effects and photography jobs in other states and countries, and it’s given me a chance to really live like a local in places like Paris, the Philippines and Vancouver. I take a few big trips a year plus weekend getaways. Here are some places I’ve spent some quality time in (seen on a map here): South Africa, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Bali, Kauai, Oahu, Amsterdam, England, Scotland, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, British Columbia, Quebec, Paris, Toulouse and many parts of France. Recently, I’ve been exploring the beauty in the US, specifically in Washington State, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Vermont, Virginia, Savannah, Chicago, and the Carolinas!

My Travel Preferences

On my first visit to any place I typically spend a couple days seeing the obligatory sights while asking the locals about lesser known areas. I avoid crowds and wander in the direction of nature such as gardens, any place with animals or the ocean. I also enjoy places with great food, live music and vibrant outdoor markets—I’ll never get tired of those! I’ve made friends all over the world and happily, that has afforded me the chance to travel with some excellent local company, advice and sometimes a guest room. Whenever possible, I leave the last few days/weeks of my trip unplanned so that I can spend that time in the place I enjoyed the most; it’s my personal solution for needing a vacation after a vacation.

As for accommodations, I find the best deals for nice hotels or B&Bs without sacrificing location, comfort or safety. It is fun to splurge at a spa or luxury hotel for a night or two though… I did that in Thailand at the Santhiya Resort and I felt like royalty.

How I Find the Best Travel Deals

When traveling within the US, I usually call the hotel of my choice and ask what their AAA Member discounted rate is to compare with the prices on Kayak. Almost every time, the winner is Expedia who now have a ‘Best Price Guarantee’. and seem to have the best hotel rates in Asia and have worked out great for me. Some people have success with this strategy for getting a getting a free room upgrade, you might as well give it a shot. As for flights, I have some tricks for saving money on flights to Hawaii which you probably have never heard of. Activities and excursions I usually book through Groupon for 40-60% off, and events / entertainment I usually book with Goldstar who sell tickets for a fraction of the normal price.

With my Merrill Lynch Travel Rewards credit card from Bank of America, I’ve used my points to score free airline tickets to Costa Rica and Japan. I also get discounts on Hertz car rentals and a whole stream of international hotels. Travel perks include no foreign transaction fees, smart chip card for non-US, trip protection up to $2,500 for any unexpected trip cancellations, travel and emergency assistance, travel accident insurance, auto rental damage insurance, lost luggage reimbursement and complimentary club membership lounge Airport Lounge Access (which I have yet to use).

Favorite Place to Visit

Collioure, France. Located on the Mediterranean in the far south of France just near Spain, is the culture rich Catalan town of Collioure. This small seaside artist community has small cobblestone paths filled with art galleries that I never tire of. Artists including Picasso, Derain, Chagall and Matisse found great inspiration here from the special light, the light tower and Catalan harbor. The locals of Collioure make their own wines, and their food is fantastic. Other favorite places are Chiang Mai Thailand, Santa Ynez Valley in California and Florence, Italy.

Sharing My Content

If you see something here you like, please feel free to share the links to my articles. Please credit me and link back to my website; I am grateful for the exposure. But please don’t copy my content and post it on your website or anywhere else. Regarding photos, I kindly insist that none of my photos be used without my permission. If you are interested in using one of my images, don’t hesitate to contact me. Much appreciated!

Guest Posts

Sometimes I do guests posts so if you have a travel website or blog and are interested in exchanging articles, please get in touch.